children and all have some kind of mental disorder, like Ms. Newsom herself had. And I'm so sorry for all the Asks. I could go on more about the case but I won't since I haven't read the book. Also my great-grandmother also knew the woman that was the topic of Jerry Bledsoe's other book Death Sentence. I just thought I'd share that. I'm just so glad I found someone to talk about this case with. And hi.

Ahhh!!! Thank you for knowing about the whole Bitter Blood case in the first place. Most people aren’t aware of it. Don’t you find it rather ridiculous that the whole situation escalated with a speed-limit-chase? (I don’t know if that was in the movie, but when they tried to flee they did the speed limit.) Oh really? I should read that one. My father knows five of the officers on the Bitter Blood case, so naturally he’s very upset I’ve read the book. But the police fucked it up SO BAD. SO SO BAD. This could’ve been stopped to begin with.

ps - feel free to send me any messages :] You are perfectly fine to do so! Hello as well~!

I'm bacckkkk ;D

AH HELLO MY DEAREST. i needa get on my shit on here. 


A man got bit by a brown recluse spider, and didn’t go to the hospital. Then, as he venom starts eating his skin away, he finally just casually says “I should probably go to the hospital.” REALLY? IT’S EATING YOUR FUCKING SKIN. AND YOU DON’T GO TO THE HOSPITAL!?!??!??!

i messaged you ages ago about my sadness. I don't know if you've forgotten. but my life has changed rapidly. my music project is taking off. I am attending CalARTS. I am amazed. - Twin Cabins

No I remember you completely! I’m so happy to hear that things have turned around for the better. It’s always good to see life does get better. CalArts? Up in Northern part right?


I’ve been gone for months now, but can I just say I’m pretty sure Mitt Romney is in denial about his own sexuality.

You haven't posted in three weeks and I'm hoping you return. I forget what brought me to your blog, but it's interesting and I would love to get to know you!

I’m so wrapped up in school work, etc. I only really have time to post on here when I’m on break. And right now even that’s absorbed with work, and school. I hope to be able to return soon too! :[


James Riddle “Jimmy” Hoffa was a powerful man on friendly terms with the Mob, J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon. However, he loathed the Kennedys; Robert Kennedy believed that Hoffa had pocketed some $9.5 million of Union funds, which he worked with. Some say that Hoffa was deeply involved in a conspiracy to kill JFK, and that in July 1963 Hoffa met with Mob leaders Santos Trafficante and Carlos Marcello in a New Orleans hotel to plan the hit. Marcello is reported as telling Frank Ragano, a Mob lawyer, after JFK’s death: “When you see Jimmy Hoffa, you tell him he owes me, and he owes me big.”

On July 30, 1975 Hoffa disappeared from the parking lot of a restaurant in a suburb of Detroit. He had been due to meet two Mafia leaders, Tony Jack Giacolone and Tony “Pro” Provenzano. His body has never been found.

There have been many theories as to what happened: that he was dumped in Lake Erie, under the New Jersy Turnpike. That he was lain beneath the turf of the Giants Stadium; in an abandoned coal mine; in a landfill on Staten Island; that his body lies in Presley’s grave, that it was put through a wood chipper and fed to hogs, that it was mixed with concrete and used in construction, dissolved in acid and used to re-chrome car bumpers. The search continues.

50 Shades of Grey…

I was on a flight the other week, and I was trying to read Philip Zimbardo’s The Lucifer Effect. The woman next to me was reading 50 Shades of Grey, and insisted I should get rid of my book for that. This was my face when she let me read a few pages:





Santorum is out.



This is one of the most haunting photos I have ever seen. It is hundreds of wedding rings that were removed from those in Concentration Camps.

I haven’t seen a single post on my dash about it being the remembrance day of the Holocaust today so I guess it’s up to me

This is sobering.

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